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My Opinions on Medify’s Personal Statement Reviews

Writing your personal statement can be really stressful, even more so if you can’t find people to read over it and give your feedback on what sounds good, what needs improving and what bits you might want to exclude. Medify contacted me to see if I wanted to review their Personal Statement Reviews and of course I said yes, as I truly believe the work Medify does is great and is definitely reasonably priced (you can check out Medify here . In addition, I’d like to emphasise that Medify have not told me to be biased or say how amazing they are – anything I say in this blog post or in my video on YouTube is 100% my own true opinion! I also decided to use my own personal statement that I used when applying for graduate entry medicine, in order to see where I could improve and what areas would be picked up on.

So here is where the review starts:

  • The website is really easy and intuitive to use. It also feels really familiar, particularly if you have used their UKCAT practice section previously ( as I had). This was particularly apparent in the layout of the graphs.
  • You get an overall grade and score which you can use to compare yourself against other medical applicants who have also used the service.
  • It’s really nice to have it read by 2 different expert reviewers – essentially 2 for the price of 1. It’s also really nice how the graphs show the score and mark you get from each of the reviewers as everyone likes different styles of writing etc.
  • You get scored on 8 categories (see mine below). These fully cover the broad range of content that should be included in a medicine personal statement which is good, as content is the most important part of

  • The personal statement itself is not physically annotated, highlighted or anything like that – although this is probably the most common way of reviewing something in this format, the fact that they provide commentary really makes you think about the feedback, and you can feel like any changes you make are more your own choice – that being said, they do include quotes from your personal statement if they feel it is necessary to help pin down a specific point or example.
  • It is immediately apparent how much time the reviewers have spent on reviewing the personal statement  –  this is really important as the PS is extremely important and you really want any reviewer to have done a good job


Overall, I think the personal statement reviews by Medify are really well done and a really good service. To check out their website, click here!

For a somewhat more detailed review with screenshots/videos of the feedback I got, check out my video at:

I hope you’ve found this review useful, and good luck for your applications!!

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